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Ganderbal 29 Dec 2022: The owner and founder of JK News Live Portal is Ehsaan Yousf. The channel was founded in the year 2016 with a spirit to reach out common masses. The main aim and motive behind opening this media portal was to spread among people the daily news with ultimate truth. We encourage people to give their response and share their views about our News Portal. Ehsaan, the founder of JK News Live is also a famous reporter, editor and photographer. The channel keeps updating the common masses.

The JK News Live is a Multimedia News Service, Web Portal and Activism platform which mainly covers and focuses on the developmental issues related to Politics, Culture, Business, Social issues, Literature etc. This portal service is performing its function since from the year 2016. The portal has got overwhelmed response and success in all the spheres and dimensions of media works, especially updating of daily news related to all the sections of the society. Our primary focus is to cover the news of UT J&K. The main focus is given to adhere the media professionalism and to cover all the stuff with sheer evidence based on ultimate truth. We also encouraged the people especially youth to take interest in literature, such as fiction and non fiction including topics related to ethics, morals and social issues, poems, Dramas, Novels, Short Stories and so on. We thoroughly make analyses of Nonfictional and Fictional literature penned down by renowned writers, authors and columnists of the valley. We always encourage common masses to contribute their views and opinions on the social and political scenario of our country and the world.

Now a days, social media and media houses play an important and pivotal role in highlighting various issues and problems, pros and cons. There are innumerable people connected to it. We see a huge growth and diversity in our Print and electronic media. All the resources available to media persons have made them professionally strong and perfect. There is a great scope and eminent roles that can put up for its growth. Social Media also plays a vital role in highlighting various social and public issues.

Besides, JK News Live, Ehsaan Yousf also runs Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and other social websites. Channel JK News Live gained much publicity in every corner of the valley. Ehsaan has been awarded with many appreciation certificates by District Police Ganderbal and civil Administration. His dedication as a photographer, reporter and a journalist has been applauded by famous social workers and eminent politicians. He won hearts of common people by his true nature of journalism, honesty, truthfulness and sincerity.
JK News Live

JK News Live also covers social and cultural issues of the downtrodden and poor people. The channel is disbursing the true and real nature of journalism. The channel discovers the real tales of poor people and their sad realities. Among the media houses of Ganderbal, JK News Live is growing and is gaining familiarity on each passing day.

JK News live has impressed the common masses by the sheer professional command of its owner and founder, Journalist, reporter, Ehsaan Yousf. This portal has done a commendable job till now. We want you to grow strong and stronger so that the voice of common masses could reach to higher ups for proper redressal. JK News Live is the voice of common people and social development.

We request the general public to support JK News Live Portal so that we can reach out you with good and informative stuff, daily news based on truth.

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