Surprising to see Ganderbal youth taking keen interest in politics; willing to unite and bring a positive political change: Sheikh Saloora

By Ehsaan Yousf

Ganderbal: The senior political leader and activist of Ganderbal, Sheikh GA Saloora has said that in a major political development on ground, it’s overwhelming to see the interest and desire being shown by the young and energetic youth of Ganderbal to bring a positive change in politics.

Saloora referred to the survey reports which showed tremendous growth in the number of youth joining and supporting the present political setup in various capacities across Ganderbal.

Saloora in his statement said that youth is the real power and its youth who always brings revolution. He said the way youth desire to be active and change the narrative of the modern political system, it is always joyous to think of the near future now.

Saloora said that time and situation strongly suggests that youth of Ganderbal are keenly looking forward to unite on a single platform and ignite a single ray of hope which is about to decide the political fate of District Ganderbal.

He said it’s evident that the way people of Ganderbal were politically exploited and were never given what they deserved in terms of development and prosperity, youth is now ready to overcome all that emotional and physical harassment.

He said leaders like Sayim Mustafa, a young socio-political star would be needed to come forward and take the responsibility over their shoulders. He said that people have now realised the importance of having a local but mentally and physically strong young man to represent the political aspirations of Ganderbal. Sheikh added “we must salute youth for this development and welcome people from all walks to assemble on a single platform which is the only way to get a strong unopposed political leadership to honestly serve the desires and aspirations of the people of Ganderbal”.

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