It is true that successful people think about the matter in a unique way and take steps to make it better and recognized. A real example of success and empathetic woman is “Shweta Maurya”. A woman from the south of India known for her huge contribution to the glamor and social world. From winning beauty crowns to the hearts of millions. Shweta Maurya has never failed to mark her name in the history of success in India. May it be a global event or social matter, Shweta Maurya has always been lauded for her elegance, achievement, and personality. Shweta has represented India on a global stage and has maintained her heritage of winning crowns.

Shweta was crowned “Mrs. I am Powerful” in 2019 and is an ultra-marathon runner, businesswoman, former corporate employee, and active homemaker. In addition to winning “The Fitness Icon” and “Most Popular” titles at Mrs. Nilgiris 2018, where she finished as the first runner-up, Shweta, an accomplished marathon runner, has served as the brand ambassador for other marathons around India. Shweta also represented India in a competition called “Mrs. Worldwide 2022” in Singapore. Shweta Maurya, Mrs. India, and an ultramarathon runner is a powerful 2019 global ambassador, as well as a model and businesswoman. She contributes to social concerns as well. She is an official Green Ambassador for the Bangalore area. Being an environment and nature lover, Shweta has a special note that explains and signifies her love for the earth, especially soil. Here’s what Shweta Mauryabelieves,

“Our motto is to safeguard soil, Shweta Maurya said in a shared thought. I’m happy to be a member of the team supporting the Save Soil Movement. The soil is essential for all life. Since life and soil have coevolved, neither can exist without the other. Save the soil; it contains life. On World Environment Day 2022, I had the chance to captain the female team in the Cyclothon, Human Chain, and Walkathon events” At the end, Shweta Maurya expresses her gratitude for Sunil KG who had invited her to the event and honored her with all respect and gratitude.

Indeed, Shweta Maurya has always been a passionate woman who never skips dreaming and takes steps to make her dream come true. Even though she is a mother of two kids, she has always been dedicated to her dreams, work, and responsibility. Shweta Maurya can be the best role model for people of all gender identities. Shweta has also received the Women Role Model by The Nilgiris Epic Eventz, which completely says how great she will look as a role model for all the folks who are still perplexed about their roles and responsibility. Shweta Maurya is recognized at both national and international levels and has been honored with a very prestigious award – International Women Achievers Award instituted by CPWA and CPWF. In simple words, Shweta Maurya is a woman with a beautiful heart and mind. Shweta Maurya is the winner of Ms. Best Smile conducted by Akarsha Fashion which reflects how beautiful her smile and heart are.

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