The ever-increasing oil prices in India are going to be curbed soon. Our friendly country Russia is offering to help for this. Let us know how much the general public will benefit from this.

Russia has offered help to India to curb oil prices. Quoting the Russian Embassy in New Delhi, the report said insurance services and tanker chartering have been banned in the European Union and the UK. Russia is ready to help so that India does not depend on their insurance services and tanker chartering. The Russian Deputy Prime Minister has offered to help India lease and build a large-capacity ship.

India in second place
Novak met Indian Ambassador to Moscow Pavan Kapoor on Friday. The Russian Embassy said that in the first eight months of 2022, oil exports from Russia to India have increased significantly. Russian oil exports to India have increased to 16.35 million tonnes. India ranks second in terms of oil shipment from Russia.

Western countries expressed displeasure
The G7 countries, the European Union (EU) and Australia last week agreed a $60 a barrel price cap on Russian marine crude as part of sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Western countries have expressed displeasure over India's stance of continuing to buy oil from Russia despite the war with Ukraine.

India gave message to the world
India, on its part, has made it clear that it will continue to buy crude oil from the country from where it will benefit. External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar told the Parliament on December 7 that the government believes in the best deal policy in the interest of Indian citizens. He said that the government It does not put any pressure on Indian companies to buy oil from Russia, nor does it ask them to buy oil from there, but it will not stop the government from continuing a better policy of Best Deal in the interest of the Indian people.

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