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Budgam 25 Jan 2023: Mohammad Hussain Born On 21 June 2004 at Budgam District Mohammad Hussain (popularly known as Hussain Bhat) started his Facebook page in 2020 when he was just 16 years old. He started his career with local videos. However, the initiative was not well received and it fetched him a small fan base of just three thousand followers for the next one year.

Since Hussain followed Kapil Sharma Show- Comedian in India, their content inspired him so much that he started creating his own content on their lines.

Meet Hussain Bhat Video Creator of Kashmir

This changed his fortunes. The popu-larity of his Facebook page- ‘Hussain bhat’ surged so much that today he has thousands of followers on his various social media platforms. The page has now become a household name here in Kashmir.“I started my Facebook page in 2020.

When a middle class guy from a remote place in Budgam would have told the people around him that he wants to become a youtuber , imagine the hysteria he would have faced. And now when his success has become an inspiration the hysteric people are the admirers. The Kashmiriyat brings you an exclusive with this inspirational Youtuber

This multi-talented 19-year-old teenager, besides writing his own scripts, also edits his videos. He is currently running one Facebook today namely Hussain Bhat

There is a lot of diversity in his content.

Talking about his channels Hussain said, “I try to create a space for the people to escape from the harsh realities of life. I want to be a reason for people to feel happy even for a couple of minutes.”

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