Mujtaba Turi

Srinagar 11 Jan 2023: Syed Taqwa Shah, hailing from Safa Kadal area of district Srinagar completed her graduation from University of Kashmir. She has been part of various anthologies and is currently working on different writing projects.

While Talking with ReportLook She added,” I was interested in writing since from a long and initially my family didn’t support me”. Finally, my dream of becoming a Columnist and a Writer came true when my journey of writing started in the year 2019. She also added, ” I being a writer gave all the credit to my mother who appreciated me and boosted me to carry my literary mission with sheer dedication .” She also stated that it took her lots of efforts and hard work to excel in this field.

She further added that it needs more courage than wings if anybody wants to fly. She wants to change the world through her writings. Every piece of her literary trait and skill occupies a unique message.

Her artwork is not related to the society wholly and solly but every piece tells a story. She also said, ” I find beauty in everything”.

She also added that she is a nature loving girl because nature gives her joy and peace. Nature and natural world is a real inspiration for her.

My message to all those girls who really want to earn their names in any field they are interested in, should never be scared to do something new. Once you have curiosity and courage, you can do miracles. So do something today and your future will bring good things for you tomorrow She added.

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