By Ehsaan Yousf
Dangri’s selective killing as an act of frustration, tries to damage communal harmony and stability in J&K. Karar Hashmi
The prominent sociopolitical activist Syed Karar Hashmi studying at Islamic Seminary Qom Iran said in a press statement that the dangri terrorist attack is yet another targeted killing in a long list of recent attacks in which five (05)  unarmed civilians in Dangri area of Rajouri were martyred and over a dozan injured. In such a situation, words of condemnation and condolence ring hollow and the need of an hour is to rootout the ecosystem of terrorism across the state.
He observed that the targeted killing spree had created havoc and absolute insecurity among the people. Attacking unarmed civilians, that too target killing, is no bravery but an act of frustration aiming at  creating disharmony among different communities living together in the union territory of J&K. He Cautions, don’t play politics over dead bodies but be united in providing justice to the victims at earliest.
Hashmi appeals in a message that  everyone  must come out strongly and openly against terrorism and its proxies who are responsible for “such selective killings” in the Dangri area of Rajouri. It shows that the enemies of peace are desperate and trying to  damage communal harmony and stability in J&K by selective killings.
“Our deepest condolences to the families and relatives of the victims, and wish a speedy recovery to the injured shifted in different hospitals for treatment,” Karar Hashmi added.

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