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Bandipora 21 March 2024: Bisma Nabi, born on 1st Jan. 2006 is a young author hailing from Aloosa Bandipora and presently residing in Bemina Srinagar. She has written her first book “Fade Away” in just 6 months. Her book has 80 pages and consists of 50 poems. She says that her book relates to many people and will help people to deal with many problems & situations and one most important thing about her literary work is that it will prove motivation in the lives of people. Bisma studied in Al-Noor Model School Srinagar till class 1oth and now she is studying in 11th at Jammu & Kashmir Police Public School Srinagar.
She is not only a young author but also a Taekwondo player.

Bisma Nabi said that she has faced many problems in her life that inspired and motivated her to write and that is how her literary journey began.

On criticism, she said that she has always welcomed feedback as a gift for her and she believed that criticism polishes her literary craft and helps her to grow. She further added that she embraced constructive criticism with an open heart.

She says that the advice for young authors is to write boldly and honestly and share good thoughts, listen humbly and learn from teachers but cling to your own vision. Let criticism strengthen you, not weaken your voice.

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