History Of Alee Club: Alee Club was introduced and formed in 1997 in India. The headquarters of the Alee Club is in Delhi. The president of the Alee Club is M.M Mehta. Sambita Bose is the show director and conceptualizer of the parent organization “Alee Club”. Itis started under the guidance of Late. Amrish Puri. The main aim of the Alee Club is to find potential candidates (teenagers) by organizing fair and transparent IQ & Personality contests. The main aim behind introducing the Alee Club was to provide and offer equal opportunities to all teenagers to reflect their talents and capabilities without bars and constraints. Alee Club plays an important role in providing and presenting potential candidates to the fashion, television, and beauty world. The organization has been succeeding in providing equal opportunities to all teenagers by hosting an IQ & Personality test tagged “ Alee Club Miss & Mr. Teen India”. The first IQ & Personality test organized by the renowned organization was conducted on 10th August 1997 in Delhi. The first winners of the IQ & Personality test-“Alee Club Miss & Mr. Teen India, 1997” were, Rushali took the title and crown of Miss Teen India 1997, and Umesh got the title and crown of Mr. Teen 1997. After this, Alee Club successfully organized and hosted the IQ & Personality test every year and provided enormous opportunities and platforms to various hidden talents in India. Alee Club invites and hosts an enormous number of candidates all over India every year to take part in one of the oldest IQ & Personality contests in India.

Vision Of Alee Club

The main vision of the organization is to inspire young men and women who can make a statement with their personalities and capabilities. The Alee Club Miss & Mr. Teen India exists to advocate and witness a future forged by competent and talented men and women with a fearlessness to push the boundaries and limitations of what’s achievable, who are inquisitive in the discovery, and the nerve and audacity to do it again. We know how necessary it is to reach gender equity for the interest of all individuals. Alee Club allows teenagers to recognize their capabilities and strengths and motivate new generations and budding talents to show their best to the whole world.

Moto/Principle Of Alee Club

The main principle and motto of the Alee Club are “to offer top opportunities to all the teenagers without any constraints and gender biases. Alee Club aims to eradicate the limitations and constraints that prevent teenagers from showing up their inborn talents and qualities. The contest organized by Alee Club is to promote equality amongst boys and girls so that teenagers can display high intelligence and glamour to the whole world instead of any gender inequality or constraints. Alee Club tries its best to serve budding celebrities and public figures by providing the right platform for their future interests. Alee Club is known for its transparency and unbiased judgments and promotes fairness and justice in all aspects. Till now, Alee Club has identified many hidden talents and potential faces in India and given them life-changing opportunities to engrave an ideal position in their interest area.

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