Bigfoot Publications is an International Publisher with authors across the Globe.Its  headquarter is  in  Gurugram,Haryana. Their distribution channel includes online and offline bookstores in 140+ countries. They believe in complete transparency regarding every aspect of book publishing. They Provide 30 Days publishing guarantee and have a PAN India distribution channel covering all major online and offline bookstores. They can be contacted regarding Cover Designing, ISBN, Copyrights, Editing, Typesetting, Newspaper Reviews, Translation, Printing, PAN India Retail store distribution, Global distribution, Book Trailer, Author website and other Marketing services.

They offer a variety of services, including book design and layout, cover design, and typesetting. The company has a team of experienced editors and designers who work closely with authors and publishers to produce books that are both visually stunning and well-written. Bigfoot also offers a range of printing options, including offset printing, digital printing, and large format printing, to ensure that their clients get the best results possible. At Global level, they  have an exclusive tie up with Walmart, Target and WH Smith physical stores in the UK, USA and Australia. The potential is to distribute books to 140 countries through online and offline mediums.

Bigfoot Publication House is committed to producing books that are of the highest quality, both in terms of content and production. They understand that books are a reflection of the authors and publishers who produce them, and work hard to ensure that their clients’ work is represented in the best possible light.Unfortunately, the publishing journey of new authors gets quite difficult in the market.

However, understanding the need of the hour Deepak Yadav who is an author himself founded Bigfoot Publications which makes the publishing process essay.talking about the publishing house and the journey, the Founder and CEO Deepak Yadav say, “The publishing market is full of monopolies and authors often struggle to find a publisher who helps them with both publishing and marketing. Even I myself struggled a lot while publishing my first book and I realized how hard it was. To curb this situation and help fellow authors who do not get a fair chance in this monopolistic market, I came up with the idea of starting Bigfoot Publications during my college days at Banaras Hindu University. It has been almost five years and I honestly feel proud of the journey we have been through. The whole team at Bigfoot Publication aims on working round the clock and we all want to help more and more remote authors in making their dreams of having their own book come true.”

The company also offers distribution services to help authors and publishers get their books into the hands of readers. With a global distribution network, Bigfoot Publication House is able to reach a wide audience, both in print and digital formats. They work with a variety of booksellers, including online retailers, brick and mortar stores, and libraries, to make sure that their clients’ books are widely available.The self-publishing company works with the motive of making the book publishing journey for new authors an uncomplicated one.

Bigfoot Publications stays with the authors at each step, unlike traditional publishers. They do it all from formatting to editing to printing to marketing. Along with making books available on online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Playbook, Kindle, etcetera they also distribute them to well-reputed bookstores like Oxford and Crossword.

In conclusion, Bigfoot Publication House is a dedicated and professional publishing company that offers a wide range of services to authors and publishers. With their commitment to quality and their passion for books, Bigfoot is the perfect choice for anyone looking to bring their writing to a wider audience.

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